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USDA Memphis, TN Area Feedstuff                    10/19 13:56
Little Rock, AR    Tue Oct 19, 2021   USDA-AR Agriculture Dept

NOTICE: Starting November 1, 2021 all feedstuff market information found on 
report will be condensed into three national feedstuff reports released on a 
weekly basis. The reports will be titled "National Animal By-Product 
Feedstuffs," "Grain and Oilseed Processor Feedstuff," and "Mill-Feeds and 
Miscellaneous Feedstuff." The data will be collected and disseminated through 
AMSs Marketing Analysis and Reporting Services (MARS) platform allowing for 
greater ease of data consumption, analysis, and visualization. The new reports 
can be accessed on the AMS website at: https://www.ams.usda.gov/market-
news/feedstuffs-reports . For data and archive reports please view our my 
news page at https://mymarketnews.ams.usda.gov/ 

                   Memphis Weekly Feed Report

   Wholesale prices, dollars per ton, bulk, rail or truck fob Memphis and 
Eastern Arkansas areas unless otherwise stated.

Soybean Meal 48% sol (+20 +30 Dec)      342.60-352.60   up 9.60
Cottonseed Meal 41 pct solvent                 295.00   dn 5.00
Whole Cottonseed                               265.00   dn 60.00
Soybean Hulls                                  155.00   up 5.00

Rice Bran                                                        
   Arkansas                                        NA   
   Louisiana                                       NA   
   Texas                                           NA   
Rice Millfeed                                                    
   Arkansas                                        NA   
   Louisiana                                       NA   
   Texas                                           NA   
Rice Hulls
   Arkansas                                        NA   
   Louisiana                                       NA   
   Texas                                           NA   

Source:   USDA- AR Agriculture Dept, Little Rock, AR              
          Heather Riley, 501-823-1743

2:00 PM    hr

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